Mantra lessening heretics and others being wrong view toward buddhism

*as a buddhist, we may come across other people who has developed wrong view toward buddhism religion. and it can be very difficult for us to get them to understand the actual view about buddhism as we could be just a beginner in buddhism. so this post are mainly for those who like to lessening heretics and other people who has developed wrong view toward buddhism.  

1. Great Compassionate Mantra (from Avalokitesvaraya ) (5 times daily)
video1 : not available (*though great compassionate mantrais very popular , i couldn't find a single sanskrit version song that is related to the sutra below)
video2 : (teaching version)
video 3: (teaching version)
video 4:
Namo ratna-trayāya
Namo āriyā-valokite-śvarāya
Bodhi-sattvāya Maha-sattvāya Mahā-kārunikāya
Om sarva rabhaye sudhanadasya
Namo skritva imam
āryā-valokite-śvara ramdhava
Namo narakindi hrih Mahā-vadha-svā-me
Sarva-arthato-śubham ajeyam
Sarva-sata Namo-vasat Namo-vāka mavitāto
Om avaloki-lokate-karate-e-hrih Mahā-bodhisattva
Sarva sarva
Mala mala
Mahi Mahi ridayam
Kuru kuru karmam
Dhuru dhuru
vijayate Mahā-vijayati
Dhara dhara dhrini
śvarāya cala cala
Mama vimala muktele
Ehi ehi śina śina
ārsam prasari
viśva viśvam prasaya
Hulu hulu mara
Hulu hulu hrih
Sara sara Siri siri Suru suru
Bodhiya Bodhiya Bodhaya Bodhaya
Maitreya narakindi dhrish-nina bhayamana svāhā
Siddhāya svāhā
Maha siddhāya svāhā
Siddha-yoge-śvaraya svāhā
Narakindi svāhā
Māranara svāhā
śira simha-mukhāya svāhā
Sarva mahā-asiddhaya svāhā
Cakra-asiddhāya svāhā
Padma-kastāya svāhā
Narakindi-vagalāya svaha
Mavari-śankharāya svāhā
Namo ratna-trāyāya
Namo āryā-valokite-śvaraya svāhā
Om Sidhyantu mantra padāya svāhā
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- this dharani has a lot info that help with a country peace, harmony living along with general protection.
specific information:very beneficial mantra that help with this world problem.This dharani is said to help one keep one from breaking precepts. it is said that this dharani can even help a wither tree to grow new branch (i suppose this will depend on how much you recite if you are trying to save a precious tree). also help one person harvests and fruits not to be eaten by insects. 
this dharani is usually available in mandarin words decoration items such as keychain, tassels and so on.
- reedit on oct 2013 as i found there are many version claim to be great compassionate mantra. nilakantha dharani and 11 face avalokiteshvara is taken out from this list as 11 face avalokiteshvara has some similar blessings but its different .
Author note: the author think this mantra can help out with this situation.

*recite sun moon lamp tathagata name
Mantra : Namo Sun Moon Lamp Tathagata (mean Homage to Sun Moon Lamp Tathagata)
- one will not be afflicted by evil spirits and heretic doctrines.

*. surangama mantra and sutra
- still under checking .

*consider going for mala bead . a standard mala bead should consist of minimum 108 beads (that represent 108 types of worry ,  some mala had additional beads for error or mistakes in your recitation )  . therefore it is good as helping you to remember how many you have recited . mala bracelet is also good but you may from time to time lost count of how many you have recited and had to restart all over again. as for the proper way of using mala and wearing it and taking care of your mala beads, its best that you get advice from proper instructors. you may want to consider ask a guru or monk in temple to bless your mala. The more you recite, the more your mala protective powers will grow to the point it can become a very strong protective talisman.

*Blow your mala bead when you have finish recite mantra for the day as this mean for your personal protection.

*You may need another mantra which is call heruka vajrayogini mantra which helps to make your mala blessings get stronger as we are living in a degenerative time (meaning negative karma getting stronger with each passing time) . This mantra is said to be the more degenerative it is, the more powerful this mantra will be.


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